Christmas List

Greetings Community Partners!

   Thank you for your interest in providing our clients with the means to have a fulfilled Christmas this year. In the past we have allowed people to purchase tangible presents for our clients and their children. However, during Back to School shopping,  we tried a new gift giving method that we found to be highly effective and rewarding. We gave clients donated gift cards that were priced suitable to their family size and went with them to pick out items. We found this empowered the mothers greatly by letting them be in control of their spending. The mother bought the children and herself what they needed. For Christmas this year we are asking donors to donate GIFT CARDS, in lieu of gifts. We have quite a few clients who will be receiving gift cards, so we need all of the community help we can get.

Suggested Gift Card Stores:

Toys R Us


Central Mall

VISA/AMX Gift Cards



Thank you so much for your willingness to assist our clients with Christmas gifts. We appreciate your generosity.

Allison Davis, Executive Director

Posted by Donald W Reynolds Crisis Intervention Center on Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Special Thanks to Our Partners